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  1. WWV: SFI=69, A=7, K=1, (Jun 14 1210 UTC) View Spotted Stations Map View Spotters Map. DX Callsign Freq. Band Comment UTC Date Spotter DX Callsign Country W4AS * 50315.0 6M 1335 14 Jun EA5EN USA [NA] EA8DBM 50313.0 6M FT8 EM73 1335 14 Jun K4PI CANARY ISLANDS - SPAIN [AF] EG1FSB 18073.0 17M CW 1335 14 Jun PC8X SPAIN [EU] JA1JAN 14080.5 20M FN03EK.
  2. Hamspots - digi; DX Watch; DX Heat; HB9FA; DX galaxy; Clusters Telnet [GB7MBC real-time cluster] - telnet://gb7mbc.spoo.org:8000 [HRD real-time cluster] - telnet:// or telnet://hrd_cluster.ham-radio.ch:7300; Telnet clusters; Spotting. SMS Spot; Maps and Weather. YR.NO; Meteoblue; Hory.sk - weather; Other links. CQ DMR MAP; ES MUF MAP; Ionogram Pruhonice; DX Maps
  3. Upload all decoded Callsigns with frequency and Signal report to HamSpots.net; Works with DXLab applications; Automatic log to DXKeeper when WSJT-X QSO is logged; Automatic post decoded Callsigns to SpotCollector (local spots) DXKeeper lookup of previous QSOs with decoded Callsign; Send Callsign to Pathfinder for lookup; Supports user-selectable Sound Car

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  1. Large markers are monitors. Reception reports shown as times. Legend. Statistics — Comments to Philip Gladstone — Online discussions — Reception records: — Hosting by Fast Serv Networks, LL
  2. IMPORTANT: YOU MAY NOT use this map/list in your own WEB pages. I will appreciate links to this WEB page, but you are not allowed to show the map/list in your site ! Now you can also receive customized propagation alerts by E-Mail!! You can help generate this page ! Send formated DX spots indicating clearly both locators and the type or propagation! The rest of information is useless and it doesn't interest anybody
  3. Going forward we will process the `mode` according to 4 values: 2. 15 for the current WSPR modes -2 & -15. 5. 30 for the FST4W modes 300 & 1800. This change applies to the manual upload too, i.e. WSPRNet will support an 11th column `mode` which can be one of these above 4 values. Read more
  4. GMA/WWFF WWFFwatch Version 0.0.48 fm 15-APR-2021. refresh max. 20 seconds after last received spot. for better performance use GMA DX Spider. URL: wwff.co/dx-cluster mirror: cqGMA.org/wwff.php. The WWFF DX Cluster is courtesy of : http://www.cqgma.eu/
  5. DJ2LS RF-Map HamSpots NET JT65 & JT9 WSPR Monitor WSPR MAP Monitor PSK Report Info SAT AMSAT IK1JNS's Satellite Station in JN35SB, Italy Satellite station located at IQ1RY ARI Radio Club in Bra, Italy Low Earth Orbit Visualization heavens-above.com Previsioni Passaggi Amsat Argentina Previsioni Passaggi N2YO All SAT Info FG8OJ SAT Online Inf

HamSpots. Another aggregator of digital Ham radio spots; Provides information in tabular layout as opposed to a map layout; AllText.exe. Allows users to search through the All.txt file that is generated and updated by WSJT- WWFF, World Wide Flora and Fauna in Amateur Radio, is encouraging to leave your shack and go outside portable operating in Protected Flora@Fauna areas (PFF) all over the world. More than 26.000 Protected Flora@Fauna (PFF) areas, world wide are already registered in our WWFF Directory. Hunters and Activators can apply for colorful awards, globally.

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MAPS; RULES & FAQ. WWFF RULES; Downloads. WWFF LOGOS; FLE WWFF Logging Software; Forums; Blog; WWFF ~ World Wide Flora & Fauna in Amateur Radio. LOGSEARCH. Please specify the search callsign. Search Logs. Logsearch Callsign Callsign: If the callsign field is blank, please edit your profile to set your Primary (and any Secondary) callsign! Note: search will include any suffixes (eg /A, /M, /P. • Hamspots • DX Spots 11. SOFTWARE •WSJT-X •Written by K1JT and team •Latest version 1.9.1 •Open source software •Supports many modes •Mac and Linux versions •This is what I use 12. SOFTWARE •JTDX •Written by Igor UA3DJY and team •Latest version is 18.1.xxx •Derivative of WSJT-X •Main focus on the sensitivity and decoding efficiency, both, in overcrowded and.

Ham-radio DX clusters nodes for dxers category is a curation of 51 web resources on , JOTA Cluster, IZ3MEZ Web DX Cluster for Ham Radio, Awards DX Cluster. Resources listed under Ham Radio category belongs to DX Resources main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators Hamspots.net. IP Server: ( See full) Location: Seattle United States ( See map) Registed: 2009-01-26 (12 years, 81 days) Ping: 13 ms. HostName: host.cits.biz. DNS Server: ns2.cits.biz, ns1.cits.biz. Websites Hosted on Email Search The Launcher will then initiate a Setup program that registers the application and its components, prompting you for additional installation decisions such as the creation of start menu entries, desktop shortcuts, and the installation of optional files like country maps or audio announcements. A step-by-step guide is available If you don't mind trading in the 5.9hz width sigs for something slightly wider- take a peek at the semi-new mode in WSJT-X ver2 called JT9-1. This popular 2 way qso mode's sigs have a width of 15.6hz, and a transmission time of 50 seconds. WSPR 2way q's were typically found on jt65a channels, with a df around +300 Real-Time QSO Map 6 10 15 20 30 40 80 160: Space Weather SolarHam: Real-Time foF2 (Critical Freq) Map: Real-Time MUF Map F-Layer: Real-time Broadcast Shortwave Schedule : Real-Time MUF Map E-Layer: Real-time PSK Reporter MAPs: Solar Indices: NOAA Radars To Find Tropo: Web SDR : Reverse Beacon CW, RTTY auto spotting: HamSpots Digital Mode Spotting: INTERNAL LINKS: QSLs and Logs - over 3,200 QSL.

A growing group of operators are running Software Defined Radios and skimming/spotting using software such as CW Skimmer and software with the CWSL architecture to generate spots for the WSJT-X digital modes. Many of these spots find their way to PSK Reporter, Reverse Beacon Network, Hamspots, etc. It would be trivial to additionally decode and. •Hamspots •DX Spots 15. SOFTWARE •Rig control software •Omni-Rig •Commander •Hamlib •HRD •For many users the other useful application is JTAlert •Provides alerts and info on decoded call signs 16. SOFTWARE •WSJT-X FT8 / MSK144 •Written by K1JT and team •Latest version 1.9.1 •Open source software •Supports many modes •Mac and Linux versions •This is what I us #FT8 #DXLAB #HamSpots. Jim #32971 . I am running DXLab, WSJT-x and HamApps on my Dell Optiplex computer and everything has been working great thanks to several people from this group, WSJTx and DXLab groups. Two days ago I tried running a program called GridTracker and I like the ability to plot the grids you work on a map. This program supports my 6M and (recent) 2M VUCC efforts. The problem. Hamspots: Intro JT65: How to calutate the JT65 power: JT65 HF Confort * CW Info: CW Decoding * DXCC: DXCC lijst DXCC info * Call info: QRZ.com: Ham call * Software: EchoLink: CW Decoding Logger32 N2AMG * Projects: TRX-PC interface * Shopping: Wimo - antennas * RTTY: Basic principle of RTTY: DX-Stations Guide to RTTY: MMVARI Progra

Click here for a useful map of districts and prefectures: Details of these and other Japan awards are at the pdf leaflet hosted on the ARRL site here. For more details look-up the JARL Awards site here. I am going to use this blog to keep track of progress on AJD and WAJA Plus the guys at camp enjoyed looking at the laptop map and seeing exactly where the Gator was at. The ability of having an isolated RF-only system independant of the internet was a big win. Here at camp, I was recieving APRS packets that had traveled 5 hops (!!) via the digis around here. The fill-in digipeater was a really fun project to build. It offered a low cost solution that would be. Great Circle Map 8.5 x 11 $12: Stainless Steel Pulleys Marine-grade $29.95: Clamp-on RF Choke.75 inch (19mm) Inside Diameter $6: T 12, M 356, Y 5885, A 140017 06-17-2021 12:57:46.

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  1. PSK Reporter and hamspots.net are two different things. Your snapshot shows hamspots.net. On my PSKreporter Map I couldnt see any station sent from Germany, but hundrets of Stations recvd from Germany!!! My PSKreporter map still is empty, following the perception of my signals! Ports from and to WSJT-X 2.0.1 and newest updates of DM780 are checked, either in TCP and UDP! All okay. It.
  2. Welcome to my amateur radio and electronics Blog. My name is Carl and I live between Northwood and Rickmansworth on the Greater London / Hertfordshire border. This new blog was started 26th December 2020 although I am in the process of transferring some of the more interesting posts from my old Blogspot pages. My main radio interests are
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  4. THE 30 METER BAND AT A GLANCE (Note: We are SECONDARY USERS of the 30 Meter Bandthe following information is NOT official, but based on observations from Internet sources and those active on 30 Meter Band.) 10.106 - 10.116 CW QRP 10.109 CW 30MD
  5. See a map of the US ham population. Each red dot represents one or more hams with a street address in the FCC database. Ham News. Jun 14: 3Y0J DXpedition to Bouvet Island Cancelled. Jun 11: The K7RA Solar Update. Jun 10: IARU Attends ITU Wireless Power Transmission Sessions. Jun 10: Separate SATERN Nets Now Operational. Jun 10: WSJT-X version 2.4.0 Now Generally Available, Version 2.5.0 on the.
  6. Hi Laurie, funny display on band map showing many JT9 in total column but none shown on individual bands. Thought you might want to see this. 73 John NA2NY John, The total numbers are correct, but they include Bands not visible in the Band Activity display. The data comes from HamSpots and includes the 2200m, 630m & 2m Bands, which JTAlert at this time does not include in the Band Activity.

For issues with this site, email the WSPRNET Admin Team or post to the site forum. Downloads and more information about WSPR program and the MEPT_JT mode, as well as other modes by Joe Taylor (K1JT), can be found at the WSJT Home Page.WSJT Home Page There is a map display of this information. There also a page of statistics about the project. If this is interesting to you, then please contact me at the email address below to see if there is a client for your digital mode decoding application, or you can contact the author of your package directly, and point him at this page. Note: This system does not transmit any signals over the air, it. Amateurfunk : Ortsverbände: Astronomie: http://impact.ese.ic.ac.uk/ImpactEffects/ http://spaceweather.com/ Apollo 11 Mission: https://apolloinrealtime.org/11

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  1. Azimuthal Equidistant Map Server by Joseph Mack NA3T Make your own QSL cards by Alvah K1TMA Digi-FTP by Dick W3WVG (Upload received pictures to web site) EZCalls by Dick W3WVG (Call sign lookup) EZLog by Dick W3WVG (Call sign lookup for nets) SSTVPics by Dick W3WVG (Organize, View, and Load Pictures) QRZ.COM Headline
  2. Below are links to resources that can help you learn and shop for our hobby. If you believe something should be added, please email the webmaster for consideration. Contact the Webmaster Member Resources Badge Order MCWA Facebook Page MCWA Groups.io Other Clubs Chicago FM Club CWops (CW Academy) Motorola Amateur Radio Club Northern Illinois DX Association Continue reading Resource
  3. Introduction. Welcome to Logger32, a 32-bit Amateur Radio logging program written by Bob Furzer, K4CY. Bob is also the author of Zakanaka, and an older 16-bit version of Logger. Logger32 runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Earlier versions of Logger32 may still work on the Win NT, Win95, Win98/98SE, 2000, Win ME, Windows.
  4. See a map of the US ham population. Each red dot represents one or more hams with a street address in the FCC database. Take a look at the HamCall DVD, produced monthly with the latest FCC and Internet data! Order a HamCall DVD. FREE tech support, talk directly to a real person! International visitors: HamCall shipped Airmail to any country is $65! HamCall is used by hams world-wide in dozens.
  5. You can certainly set up a sched (email me!), but you can also check PSKreporter at https://reporter.info just type in your callsign and you'll see where you've been heard, by the appropriate seletion of criteria. For instance, there are 1302 active FT8 monitors on 40m, so if you are getting out, you'll be reported
  6. JT65-HF Setup and Operations Guide JT65-HF Version 1.0.7 ©2008...2010 J. C. Large - W6CQZ JT65-HF is an adaptation of the JT65A protocol with an emphasis upon its usage in the hig

WSPRnet Welcome to the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter

Software. Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) provides the basis for all computer-aided operation in my amateur radio station. HRD provides an interface that can be customized to control the main station transceiver using the Computer Aided Transceiver (CAT) interface. The Rig Control component of HRD allows for the organization of buttons sliders, and drop. I think qrz.com is complete for US and Canadian stations, it pulls data from the FCC and RAC databases. But, anything outside NA requires that the user actually create an account

#HamSpots; #HRD; #Important; #JTDX; #NewRelease; #POLL; #Reminder; #TIP; filter. Any Time Any time; Past hour; Past 24 hours; Past week; Past month; Past year; Custom range... × Close Custom Range. Between Toggle Calendar. Previous Month Next Month January February March April May June July August September October November December. Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa; Today. Month. Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May. I saw spots from Canada almost every 2-3 minutes on hamspots.net from my signal in Canada. Stations seen last evening came from Bonaire, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican rep., US Virgin Isl. and Puerto Rico. I've been looking at CW/SSB but not much DX there. I heard only one Spanish station on SSB. Next time the magic will happen... Just to remember the rules on intercontinental DX. HamSpots.net will be offline until sometime in the new year (2018). The services provided by HamSpots to JTAlert (Band Activity Data and TextMsg forwarding) will still be working. Spots sent by JTAlert to HamSpots will also be working (needed by the Band Activity display). It is the web interface that will not be available. de Laurie VK3AM

Read the full Notice of Copyrights, Trademarks, and Liability Limitations for this sit Try Hamspots, that is a lot more accurate. I don't think PSKReporter shows every single station, I have to often refresh multiple times, change modes etc. to see my place mark on the map. I don't think PSKReporter shows every single station, I have to often refresh multiple times, change modes etc. to see my place mark on the map Charter Members: 9A4ZP,AD6FR,EA6SK... Earliest QSOs in the database. Some of our members' ancient QSL card collections ! Advertising Opportunities. If you have a ham radio oriented business, take a look at our advertising opportunities! Amateur Radio Products. Shop Online for amateur radio books and other items Getting started with the QCX Mini. The QCX mini is a high-performance single band HF QRP CW transceiver kit available for just $55 with a 50W amp for an additional $29.50. My QCX Mini kit from Hans Summers QRP Labs arrived just before Christmas and was sitting under the Christmas tree for me to open. I'll be documenting the journey with some.

Did see more north america but only 2 stations show up in the map, don't know why? VO1HP was very strong with signals from -4 to -2dB. I did my best to do also some SSB on 6m which gave me a small pile up primarely stations from Italy. I also did my best to do SSB on 10m today and had some really nice QSOs with Ireland, England and Wales. I really enjoyed it and think I will do many more SSB. Yep, seen the same issues on my end as well. Sometimes it's fine, other times very slow. Very intermittent. When it acts up I just jump on HamSpots. I've got pretty fast internet here (100+ download, about 20 upload) and it doesn't seem to matter much. I use a MacBook Pro and an older Dell laptop running Windows 10 with the same results

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  1. DX Maps Excellent tool for finding and analyzing VHF/UHF openings. Available email notifications ensure you'll never miss a VHF/UHF opening near you. HamSpots Online DX Cluster with many specialized pages for clubs, specific digital modes, and more
  2. ed. Kentucky State wide QSO Party 6/5/ - 6/6/21 and W4NJA Special Event Stations. June 5 and June 6 2021. Primarily operating on Saturday June 5 from 9 Am to 9 PM C.S.T. Again, more details forth co
  3. A lot probably end up on Hamspots.net too if people are using JTalert. I left JTDX running for 24 hours and was rewarded with a nice reception map. I'm pretty certain I wouldn't have decoded as well with WSJT-X or JT65-HF
  4. PAØK hamradio radioamateur zendamateur amateurradio PA0PSY QRP low power digimodes CW Mors
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I can't say for sure, only Philip can, but my experience is that spots are refreshed on the map whenever a new spot is received. 73 Bill G4WJS. More. All Messages By This Member; Mark Ammann #5046 . Jim, Markku ,Bill, many thanks for your replies. Jim, I've started playing with JT Alert and Hamspots and will see how that compares to PSK Reporter. Thanks.. Hawaii on 20m FT4. Nice to work Hawaii on 20m this morning, it's been a while. He responded to my CQ JA call. My end: Icom 7300 100W, 1/4 wave GP vertical. Afternote: Not the prettiest QSL card but it's confirmation nonetheless r/amateurradio: Welcome to Reddit's own amateur (ham) radio club. If you are wondering what Amateur Radio is about, it's basically a two way radio FAQContact Us. 40M: RA3QQI, UR5ETT, more... Most eAwards: EA3ZD,F6ECI,4Z4DX,ZL1BQD,G0BLB... Power Users: AA3B,N2BJ,N3RS... Charter Members: AD6FR,EA7CN,G3PGA... Some of our members' ancient QSL card collections ! If you have a ham radio oriented business, take a look at our advertising opportunities! Shop Online for amateur radio books and. UHF: 448.800 MHz (-) 88.5 Hz CTCSS tone (req'd and xmitted) (repeaters are always linked together) EchoLink: WØENO-R (node 8305. You can read more about our Nets on the links in the Navigation pane on the left. Read more. about Hamlet Net (for newer operators) Tonight (Tues) at 7pm. Log in to post comments

Jim, I've started playing with JT Alert and Hamspots and will see how that compares to PSK Reporter. Thanks. Markku, I'm looking at port 4739 with Wireshark for data but haven't changed any firewall settings yet. Thanks for the tip. It's the higher bands that are problems (data not being sent via that port), but will look at the firewall settings. On 40m and 20m data is sent via that port. The Electronic QSL Card Centre. You must Register and Log In before using eQSL.cc [] [

Posted 3/25/16 9:04 PM, 3 message HAMSPOTS CONSULTING LLC CLAIM THIS BUSINESS. 16331 WILLOW CREEK DR HIALEAH, FL 33014 Get Directions (305) 200-5264. Business Info. Founded 2010; Incorporated FL; Annual Revenue $78,000.00; Employee Count 2; Industries Business Consulting, Nec; Contacts ANDRE S HAM; Contact Business. Your Email Address Subject: Message. Send Message. Company Summary. Hamspots Consulting Llc was founded in 2010. WWFF ~ World Wide Flora & Fauna in Amateur Radio. hamspots_200. 26 Tuesday Jan 2016. Original size at 200 × 216. ≈ Comments Off on hamspots_20 Hamspots.net Have this on when working FT8: VOACAP Predictions! Ping Jocket Central Chat page for High Speed Meteor Scatter: Earth View Current imaging from Satellites: PSK Reporter Maps to receiving stations Who is hearing you? Real Time Band Conditions: Space Weather.com What's up in Space? FCC Radio History Document

DX'ing: Helpful Computer and Web Tools. Howard Groveman W6HDG . VOACAP http://www.voacap.com Based on the extensive research work done for the Voice of America. Although I don't think you can connect Logger32 to it and have the spots display in Logger32's Dx Spot window or band Maps etc I can't say for sure, only Philip can, but my experience is that spots are refreshed on the map whenever a new spot is received. 73 Bill G4WJS. More. All Messages By This Member; Mark Ammann #5046 . Jim, Markku ,Bill, many thanks for your replies. Jim, I've started playing with JT Alert and Hamspots and will see how that compares to PSK Reporter. Thanks.. On 30/01/2020 09:09, pete.thomas.fi wrote: First time user of PSK reporter, put in my callsign (oh2euu) FT8 and 20m last 24 hrs. Seems I was (surprisingly) heard all over the world with my 30W and wire antenna Thus PSKReporter cannot properly map those callsigns. Neil, KN3ILZ. On 5/13/2020 6:38 PM, 5w1sa.oc097@... wrote: Hi All, I'm Atsu/5W1SA, just joined to this group to search topic and submit one question. I recently started 5W1STAYSAFE special event station also I have operated 5W20SAMOA before. During FT8 operation using WSJT-X, I'm keep watching reporter to see what area, how far my signal.

This is a link to the VK3AMA's HamSpots PSK-mode spotting page. Laurie's site has a number of other areas that will be of interest to almost any digital-mode operator. Laurie's site has a number of other areas that will be of interest to almost any digital-mode operator See map below. An elevator is available and standard Covid protocols will be observed. We will also continue to offer the ZOOM option as a secondary means to attend our monthly meeting. The zoom session will be available at approximately 6:55 pm. If you have not joined us in a zoom meeting, please go to https://zoom.us and explore. Please sign up as a user prior to the meeting. We recommend.


Good fun with plenty of SpE for the first 90 mins. Hard work without the big beam, just the Moxon tonight and low power 2b-HAMspots; 2c-Q R Z C Q; 2d-Q R Z; 2d-Q R Z-ru; 2e-PSK_Reporter; 3a-DX_fun_Cluster; 3b-DX_F5LEN_Cluster; 3c-CRXHam_Cloud; 3c-dx_True Blue DX-Club; 3c-DXwatch; 3d-R B Network; 4a-BAND_conditions ; 4b-BAND spots; 4c-prop-Kp_Index; 4d-60m_Online; 5a-HAMlog.RU; 5b-HAM_Atlas_DXCC; 5c-HAM_radio; 6a-DX spots GRAPH; 6b-HAM_Links-w4wta; 7a-CW_cursus; 7b-W Antartic Prog; 8a-AmateurRadio; 8b-VE7SL_blog. Oh no! Some styles failed to load. Please try reloading this pag #Misc - Topics that do not map to any of our existing tags. #Olivia - Discussions firmly rooted in a core belief in Olivia and our need for human contact. #OliviaChannels - Discussion About Channelizing Olivia Operations; #olivia_dx; #OliviaQRM - Discussion about spectrum sharing and QRM issues Olivia must deal with; #OliviaScheds - Scheduling On-Air Meet-ups with Olivia; #OliviaSpots - Who. FT8. FT8 is an extremely-weak-signal amateur radio mode that transmits very limited communications. JS8, a variant of FT8, can send full conversations and relay messages. FT8 (Franke-Taylor design, 8- FSK modulation) is an extremely-weak-signal, digital, narrow bandwidth (50 Hz ), QSO -only communication protocol used by amateur radio (ham.

Top 10 Tips for Succeeding in FT8 Mode - OnAllBand

Maybe it's a pointless exercise anyway looking at the bare vistors map Hi!. Oh well!, think i'll go for my usual cappoccino at Starbucks before the trafic cones hit the streets again, KN. Posted by Brian. at 23:59. No comments: Post a comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) My home page; MMSSTV; Hamspots; Ham Radio Deluxe; Ham country prefix list; Gadwin Print.

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Welcome to the Blog. After Jesus and my family, amateur radio is important to me. In fact, it was a missionary ham that pointed me to Jesus. I hope you will enjoy this collection of amateur radio musings I've had pretty good luck on WSPR with 1-2 watts, and very rarely run more than 2.5 watts on JT-65HF unless I have the big radio hooked up, then I might run 5 watts or so I follow Hamspots.net, and operate digital and JT65-HF exclusively. I keep power levels below 20 watts and 99% of the time keep it at 10 watts out using my FT-950. I've done this even during the lowest parts of the 11 year sun cycle and still managed to work lots of rare and obscure stations. Often when the band seemed dead, out pops a rare South Pacific station and I snag them on the first.

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Introduction to FT8 - na0tc

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JTAlert 2.10.1 is available for download. Posted date: August 08, 2017 in: Software No Comments. JTAlert 2.10.1. Provides several audio and visual alert types based on decoded Callsigns within JT65-HF and WSJT-X. Audio and visual alerts for several alert conditions. Your Callsign decoded (someone calling you Rather like the excellent D70Box project (see elsewhere on this blog) the Arduino Shackbox project was also published in Practical Wireless. This really useful device can be made for around £15 and provide a handy GPS controlled clock, locator information, Lat and Long, Worked All Britain Square and much more Welcome To WJPR! WJPR is a worldwide multidisciplinary, monthly published, open access, peer-reviewed, online pharmacy journal. The aim of WJPR is to serve as a means for updating the scientific knowledge of the international audience in the pharmaceutical forum. The Journal welcomes the original research articles, review, short communications.

PE4BAS Amateur Radio Weblog: January 2013

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Ten Meters is one of my favorite bands. Even when it's not open, it's frequently open. With the sunspots on the rise, so should the activity on the band increase Posts about K9IL written by kshmr1. The 2015 Ides of March Hamfest is Saturday, March 28 at the Tennessee National Guard Armory.. Doors open at 8 AM === JULY 2015 Moving back to the SFO Bay Area=== ===August 2015 We are now in California=== new grid is CM87ux. ===If you need a card for KL7,VY1,VE7,W6 pls send to address above We had 15 brave Amateurs in attendance last night HI, a good but lower number, due to the stormy weather. Two guests were with us, with three people testing, all passed SIM is an experimental computer program, designed to facilitate basic amateur radio communications when using a very weak signal with SIM31, a new robust..

Downloading and Installing DXLab Application

The June monthly meeting was another success with 19 in attendance with 2 guests. Field Day is the 28th and 29th of this month. For those not familiar with Field Day it is an annual amateur radio exercise, widely sponsored by IARU regions and member organizations, encouraging emergency communications preparedness among amateur radio operator

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