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  3. Speed Test: Frankfurt, Germany. Download. Mbp
  4. Simplify your cloud infrastructure with Linode's robust set of tools to develop, deploy, and scale your applications faster and easier

Linode Frankfurt (DE): 17.0MB/s; Festplatten Benchmark; I/O Performance [1]: 1.1 GB/s; I/O Performance [2]: 1.1 GB/s; I/O Performance [3]: 1.1 GB/s; I/O Performance [4]: 1.1 GB/s; Erklaerung der einzelnen Ergebnisse [1]: Synchroner Test / Blockgroesse 16k / 64.000 Durchgaenge [2]: Asynchroner Test / Blockgroesse 16k / 64.000 Durchgaenge [3]: Synchroner Test / Blockgroesse 64k / 16.000. Linode Frankfurt(DE) - 100MB Testfile : 17.2MB/s; Festplatten Benchmark; Erklaerung der einzelnen Ergebnisse [1]: Synchroner Test / Blockgroesse 16k / 64.000 Durchgaenge [2]: Asynchroner Test / Blockgroesse 16k / 64.000 Durchgaenge [3]: Synchroner Test / Blockgroesse 64k / 16.000 Durchgaenge [4]: Asynchroner Test / Blockgroesse 64k / 16.000. Linode liefert 7 Testserver. Server in: Australia - Sydney, Deutschland - Frankfurt - #1, London, India - Mumbai, Japan - Tokyo, Singapore, Dallas Linode provides 7 testing servers. Servers are provided in: Australia - Sydney, Deutschland - Frankfurt - #1, London, India - Mumbai, Japan - Tokyo, Singapore, Dallas We will be performing scheduled maintenance on the Linode Cloud Manager and Linode API Stats Endpoints, on June 16th from 15:00 UTC to 19:00 UTC. During this time, Linode statistical graphs and the API stats endpoint may experience brief interruptions and display gaps in graphing. This does not indicate that your Linode has lost connectivity

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Linode customers can now be compliant with Germany's Federal Data Protection Act (a.k.a., Bundesdatenschutzgesetz or BDSG) by hosting their data on German soil. Frankfurt supports all Linode features and services, and same great hardware including datacenter-grade SSD storage, E5-2680v3 CPUs, DDR4 ECC SDRAM, full-stack redundant networking and 40 GbE to each hypervisor host Ein Rechenzentrum in Frankfurt. Der Großteil der Kunden des Linode-Partners befindet sich in Deutschland, Österreich und Rumänien und die sind durchaus anspruchsvoll. Mittlerweile betreibt der IT-Dienstleister seine wichtigsten Managed Services auf Linode und nutzt je nach Kundenbedarf Rechenzentren in Frankfurt, London oder Newark. Unsere Kudnen senden saisonale Push-Benachrichtigungen an. Linode is on a roll with beta for Frankfurt and KVM VPSes Linode Forum :: Frankfurt Datacenter (beta) Frankfurt Datacenter (beta) We are pleased to..

For DigitalOcean, Linode and Vultr we've selected their Frankfurt region, since it's the closest to us and we know quite a bit about the networking quality in that area. Since OVH and Scaleway don't offer Frankfurt locations We've chosen to compare their non-main-locations in Strasbourg and Amsterdam History. Linode (a portmanteau of the words Linux and node) was founded by Christopher Aker, launching in mid 2003. Aker is a graduate of Full Sail University in Florida.. Linode transitioned from UML to Xen virtualization in March 2008, and then to KVM in mid-2015. It launched its data backup service in 2009. NodeBalancer, a load-balancing service, launched in July 2011

Linode cloud users in Europe hit as Frankfurt DC falls to its knees. Problems at Linode's data centre in Germany have led to connectivity issues with its cloud services over the weekend, and we understand the vendor is currently trying to solve a packet loss problem. At 14:14 UTC yesterday, the New Jersey-headquartered cloud provider said on. VMium — Fully Automated SSD VPS Hosting Solutions in Europ Siteground Einer der renommierten Shared Hosting-Anbieter für das Hosting von WordPress, Joomla usw. hat vier Rechenzentren auf drei Kontinenten. Adresse. Geschwindigkeitstest IP. Chicago, USA. London, Vereinigtes Königreich

Linode Connectivity Issue - Frankfurt. Thread starter Linode; Start date Yesterday at 11:32 AM; Linode. Member. Yesterday at 11:32 AM #1 Jun 3, 10:30 UTC Investigating - Our team is investigating a connectivity issue in our Frankfurt data center. During this time, users may experience connection timeouts and errors for services deployed in this data center. We will share additional updates as. Or - Node was offline and has just started responding. It's in limbo. pinescore is below 50, node appears to be suffering intermittent drops. Worth investigating. pinescore is below 0, node is dropping many packets, indicative of a problem. pinescore (the score of the node), bold and Red: score has dropped in last 15 minutes GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets Laut der Status-Seite von Linode sind sowohl die zentralen Dienste als auch die verteilten Rechenzentren voll operabel. Am stärksten scheint aktuell Atlanta betroffen gewesen zu sein. Frankfurt.

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See all Germany Public DNS Servers List. Explore and find which DNS server you want to use in your Windows or MAC DNS settings VULTR_REGION - defaults to Frankfurt; VULTR_SIZE - defaults to 4096 MB RAM,90 GB SSD,4.00 TB BW Generate an SSH key pair for use by the plugin.: ssh-keygen-t rsa-b 4096-f ~/. ssh / vultr_rsa. After generating the ssh key pair, you should run the following command to setup the VPS.: export VULTR_TOKEN = vultr token export BARUWA_HOSTNAME = baruwa.example.com export BARUWA_ACTIVATION. [ ] The brackets at the end of the Status show how many times the ping has returned a different result from the current status. Once this is > 10 it will be considered a change in Status rather than a temporary hiccup.. pinescore is our score up to 100 for the stability of the host over the last 48 hours Cloud servers with faster-than-SSD performance up to 100,000 IOPS and 100% uptime SLA. Our business users run business-critical web applications on our enterprise-grade cloud Linode in Frankfurt am Main: speed performance and info about outage, service down or problems. Sign in Sign up. Linode. 1.4. Tested by 10+ devices. 3.0. Rated by 3 users. Best performance in Frankfurt am Main. Unitymedia. 200+ sources. Vodafone. 300+ sources.

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Managed Linode servers - managedlinuxservers.com. Managed Linode servers. Get any Linode server as a managed service. Managed VPS at the best price in the market. Available in Frankfurt, London, Fremont, Dallas, Atlanta, Newark, Singapore, Tokyo. Home Shop Linode Managed I've just deployed a new Linode VPS in Frankfurt, while running a benchmark I noticed the new AMD CPUs, does anyone know, whether they just upgraded their nodes? Performance is awesome, especially for 5$. Comments. chocolateshirt Member. May 2019. Ttitle says it all. Link to article: https://blog.linode.com/2015/08/03/introducing-linodes-in-frankfurt IP - Lookup: Linode, LLC (Hostname: li1644-166.members.linode.com) - Location: Frankfurt Am Main Hessen German Eharaj.com Located in City Frankfurt Am Main [ Hessen ] You will probably not know the exact physical address of the device or the person you are trying to locate, but in most cases you will know the region, city, postal address, which is quite enough information when you do your own investigation. Don't forget to always check your results through our Whois Lookup tool that will reveal a lot.

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Linode ist ein Cloud-Host, der Benutzern leistungsstarke SSD-Linux-Server für alle Infrastrukturanforderungen bietet. DigitalOcean ist ein sehr beliebter Cloud-Hosting-Dienst, der kostengünstige und flexible Cloud-Hosting-Dienste bietet. Sie sind bekannt für ihre hohen Benchmarks und eine garantierte 99-Verfügbarkeit Linode is a cloud provider founded in 2003, serving over 800.000 customers with VPSes based on Linux in 11 worldwide locations, such as Toronto, Fremont, Dallas, Atlanta, Newark, London, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. They were among the first companies to start offering computers in the cloud. Notable features compared to other providers are DDoS Protections and high. Exclusive! Sign up for a new Linode account and receive $100 free credit. June 2021. Claim Deal. Try Linode With a $100 Free Credit - No Coupon Needed. June 2021. Get Deal. Enjoy a $60 Free Credit for 60 days. June 2021 Linode 8GB Frankfurt QEMU Standard PC (i440FX + PIIX, 1996) Geekbench 4 Score 2465 Single-Core Score: 8146 Multi-Core Score: Geekbench 4.0.1 Tryout for Linux x86 (64-bit) Result Information. Upload Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 02:45:59 +0000: Views: 10: System Information. System Information; Operating System : Linux 4.7.-x86_64-linode72 x86_64: Model: QEMU Standard PC (i440FX + PIIX, 1996. Frankfurt, FRG; Tokyo; Singapore; It's best to keep your Linode located near where it will be used most. If you're primarily using your server for your own work, keep it closest to your.

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  1. Linode 4GB Frankfurt QEMU Standard PC (i440FX + PIIX, 1996) Geekbench 3 Score 2338 Single-Core Score: 4541 Multi-Core Score: Geekbench 3.4.1 for Linux x86 (32-bit) Result Information. User: fenom: Upload Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2016 19:16:59 +0000: Views: 34: System Information. Linode 4GB Frankfurt; Operating System : Linux 4.5.5-x86_64-linode69 x86_64: Model: QEMU Standard PC (i440FX + PIIX, 1996.
  2. Linode. Linode are a hosting company that offer Linux hosts with SSD hard drives. Linode offers some great management systems. It's quick and easy to start a server. I create a new Linode a Linode 1GB in Frankfurt, Germany. This server will cost $5 a month. Not bad for my own site and a few other test ideas. I deployed with Ubuntu Linux
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  4. Linode Connectivity Issue - Frankfurt. Thread starter Linode; Start date Today at 1:52 AM; Linode. Member. Today at 1:52 AM #1 May 26, 00:30 UTC Investigating - Our team is investigating a connectivity issue in our Frankfurt data center. During this time, users may experience connection timeouts and errors for all services deployed in this data center. We will share additional updates as we.
  5. If your site has traffic from multiple countries, then these test results are vital for you. The results are identical to each other and slightly different from each other. The Overall global TTFB of each host is Digital Ocean (369.81 ms), Vultr (359.45 ms), Vultr HF (364.49 ms), Linode (368.54 ms). There is just a 10 ms difference between each.
  6. AS63949 Linode, LLC BGP Network is based in United States and peers with 174 other ISP

5s. 21007.4 KB/s. Vultr. 2s. 64602.5 KB/s. Dari hasil yang didapatkan di atas jelas terlihat bahwa server Digital Ocean unggul dalam kecepatan di 2 kota yaitu Singapore dan London sedangkan Vultr hanya unggul di kota Frankfurt. Linode yang termasuk pionir dan pemain lama di industri Virtual Machine keok di semua kota Conclusion: 7 Best Linode Alternatives & Competitors 2021. If you consider switching from Linode, then Vultr would be an ideal choice for all of your professional needs. If you are a newbie, then the Aws Lightsail would be the perfect option for a simple interface. Like that, all of the above options are the ideal Linode alternatives

Linode selected Frankfurt for its eighth datacenter because of the city's central European location. More than a third of Europe's Internet traffic travels through the digital and financial hub of Frankfurt. Linode's Frankfurt datacenter doubles the company's capacity in Europe, complementing their London location, and enables German customers to comply with Germany's Federal Data. Norton Safe Web has analyzed nb-139-162-140-21.frankfurt.nodebalancer.linode.com for safety and security problems. Click now to view Norton Safeweb's rating for nb-139-162-140-21.frankfurt.nodebalancer.linode.co

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Jika dilihat dari G2.Com star - rating antara Digital Ocean dan Linode yaitu 4.5/5 dan tidak ada perbedaan dengan jumlah rivew Digital Ocean yang lebih tinggi. Keduanya sama - sama memiliki segmen pasar di small-business. Namun, ternyata Linode mampu menjangkau lebih banyak yaitu 81,2% sedangkan Digital Ocean hanya 72,4% Featuring the Frankfurt, DE data centers did end up posing a small problem, as I wasn't able to run the speed tests against the usual Austin, TX based server as I usually do. Live and learn, next time I'll be sure to configure things to use a European server instead. The following benchmarks are the average of the data collected from benchmarking 3 separate instances for each provider. Linode: Latest: KVM: Multiple US, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Singapore: Linode instances are configured to run Arch's kernel by default. Linode provides custom kernels which can be selected in the manager settings. There are also community-supported kernels in the AUR, such as linux-linode AUR. LYLIX: 2014.01.xx [dead link 2021-05-09 ⓘ] OpenVZ. In celebration of adding Linode Object Storage clusters to our Frankfurt data center, we're offering free S3-compatible Object Storage to new and existing customers through May 31s Linode has a total of ten locations around the globe. They have a great presence in the Asia-Pacific region, with data centers in Mumbai, Tokyo, and Sydney. However, object storage is currently available in Newark, Frankfurt, and Singapore only. As per their infrastructure page, it's coming soon to other locations as well

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  1. If you decide to use Linode, then this section is for you. Navigate to Linodes and click Add a Linode. There are several things you should fill-in. In distributions I recommend to select Ubuntu 18.04 LTS image, the region — whatever is closer to you (I use Frankfurt, DE), Linode plan — Nanode (which costs only 5$ a month, but that's.
  2. #US East speedtest.newark.linode.com 100MB-newark.bin # US South speedtest.atlanta.linode.com 100MB-atlanta.bin # US Central speedtest.dallas.linode.com 100MB-dallas.
  3. Arch Linux, CentOS 7, Debian 8/9, Fedora 27/28, Gentoo, openSUSE 15.0/43.2, Slackware 14.2, Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 LT
  4. Frankfurt am Main 1239 SPRINTLINK — 2021-06-11 19:53:32 UTC: valid DNSSEC 100 % Whois: dns.sectoor.de. 12586 GHOSTnet GmbH — 2021-06-11 19:53:24 UTC: valid DNSSEC 95 % Whois: static. 24940 Hetzner Online GmbH — 2021-06-11 19:52:12 UTC: valid 100 % Whois: euro-cns1.cw.net. 1273 CW Vodafone Group PLC: Version: recursive.
  5. Frankfurt, officially Frankfurt am Main, is the most populous city in the German state of Hesse. Its 763,380 inhabitants as of 31 December 2... en.wikipedia.or

We offer transparent, predictable pricing so you know what you'll be paying every single time. Cloud Spectator - an independent benchmarking firm - concluded that DigitalOcean delivers the best CPU performance per dollar when compared with AWS and Google Deploy your managed cloud servers to any of the 11 global Linode datacenter locations around the world. Scaling. Scale up your cloud servers (instance) to accommodate an increase in traffic and down when you no longer need it. Hourly Pricing. With hourly billing, you only pay for the resources and time that you actually use those resources. DDoS Protection. Automatically detects and mitigates.

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Most of the hosting providers have multiple data centers (DC) around the world. But do you know where you should be hosting your website? A fast loadin Durchgängige Dienstleistungen für Cloud Computing will TCS über das jetzt eröffnete Rechenzentrum in Frankfurt anbieten. Hierzu zählt der Anbieter neben IaaS und PaaS auch branchenspezifische Cloud-Lösungen auf Basis etablierter TCS-Produkte, etwa das an Finanzdienstleister ausgerichtete Angebot BaNCSTM. Zusätzlich zum klassischen Cloud-Angebot bietet TCS das Hosting nicht auf x86. EDIS Global, VPS in 30+ locations. EDIS Global, VPS in 30+ locations provides 41 testing servers. Servers are provided in: Austria - Vien, Österreich - Austria - Graz, Australia - Sydney, Belgium - Ooskamp, Canada - Montréal, Schweiz - Zürich - #2, Schweiz - Zürich - #3, Schweiz - Zürich - #4, Chile - Viña del Mar, CZ - Prague - Edis, Deutschland - Germany - Frankfurt, Denmark. Ort: (li1673-12.members.linode.com) (Find his/her IP Address and Location

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Virtual private server provider Linode suffered failures at its Frankfurt data centre, causing connectivity issues and packet loss. The New Jersey-based cloud provider faced numerous problems during the 1st and 2nd October and has confirmed that at around 2 pm UTC on Sunday it was dealing with connectivity issues which affected Linodes in its Frankfurt data centre Linode has been powering production systems for over 17 years, and now they've launched a fully managed Kubernetes platform. With the combined power of the Kubernetes engine for flexible and scalable deployments, and features like dedicated CPU instances, GPU instances, and object storage you've got everything you need to build a bulletproof data pipeline. If you go t Head-to-head Linode Vs DigitalOcean cloud hosting comparison looking at crucial web hosting features like performance, pricing, pros and cons, and more - for you to consider before you sign up with one of these cloud hosting services.. Linode is a Philadelphia-based cloud hosting service that specializes in high-performance SSD Linux servers Linode Key Features . Linode is committed to delivering a top-class Linux server experience in the cloud. When it comes to pricing and performance features, web developers worldwide love Linode for its extreme reliability. The first and foremost preferable element is its predictable and straightforward pricing. With no hidden fees, you can. Linode Network Test. Results for downlink and latency tests from your connection to Linode. For test result details, place the mouse cursor over result bars in the table below. Javascript Tag. This speedtest can be run on any website using the Javascript tag below. Script loading and test execution are supported over both HTTP and HTTPS

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  1. Linode does not lock-in users and offers a straightforward pricing structure, which is the same at every datacenter. The price starts at $5 per month for 1GB and can increase to $480/month for 96GB. If you need more resources, you can choose the Standard Plan that offers 192GB RAM on 3840 GB SSD and 32 cores
  2. Linode LLC is offering free S3-compatible object storage to new and existing customers from March 1, 2020, through May 31, 2020.. The storage clusters are also available for the first time in the cloud provider's Frankfurt data center.. Traditional S3-compatible options seem affordable on the surface, but hide high transfer fees which can balloon cloud infrastructure bills
  3. Introducing Linode. Founded in 2003, Linode is one of the oldest VPS hosting providers. It's old, but it ain't outdated. In fact, they have consistently been ahead of their competitors, offering features that were uncommon back in the early days of the hosting industry. Keeping their reputation for being an R&D heavy and customer-centric company, Linode continues to be one of the leading.
  4. utes with other Linode DCs (>=500ms
  5. In my personal opinion, Linode is better than Vultrand Vultr is better than Digital Ocean. I've used Linode in 3 continents for over 10 years. Used Vultr in 2 continents for several years. I haven't done exact fair-comparison testing but through just firing up servers for clients using the same stack and feeling it (however you trust my feel for it, haha).I feel Linode is.
  6. @Linode Opens its Eight Data Center Worldwide; Doubles Capacity in Europe. Story here: http://datacenternews.today/?p=26

whois.ripe.net. inetnum: 139.162.. - netname: EU-LINODE-20141229 descr: 139.162../16 org: ORG-LL198-RIPE country: US admin-c: TA2589-RIPE tech-c: TA2589-RIPE tech-c: LA538-RIPE status: LEGACY remarks: Please send abuse reports to abuse@linode.com mnt-by: linode-leg-mnt created: 2004-02-02T16:20:09Z last-modified: 2019-12-04T13:14:16Z source: RIPE organisation: ORG-LL198. Carbon results for speedtest.frankfurt.linode.com . Share. Hurrah! This web page is cleaner than 0 % of web pages tested Only 0.0 g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits this web page. Oh no, it looks like this web page uses bog standard energy If this site used green hosting, then it. Linode Patienten. Veröffentlicht am 8 GROUP Bitcoin CBD CEOO Marketing GmbH Cloudflare Colocrossing Corona Coronavirus Covid-19 Datenleck Depressionen Düsseldorf EOS Frankfurt Gesundheitsnetzwerk GoDaddy Green Famingo UG Hartz-IV heise online Hetzner Online GmbH Hyperservice GmbH INWX Konditorei korturl.dk LeadWorld Online Generation Ltd Maskenpflicht Megaspace Nahrungsergänzungsmittel. Besides Vultr, DigitalOcean, Linode is one of the most famous cloud server providers all over the world with 9 datacenters: Atlanta (Georgia, USA), Dallas (Texas, USA), Fremont (California, USA), Newark (New Jersey, USA), London (United Kingdom), Tokyo 1+2 (Japan), Singapore and Frankfurt (Germany). Linode services have many incredible reviews with a high-quality cloud server, nice, fast and. Find Shared, VPS, and Cloud hosting datacenters location and speed test IP details. Make a better decision by hosting website near to your users

DDoS Attacks Storm Linode Servers Worldwide. It all started on Dec. 26: Cloud hosting provider Linode reported a series of DDoS attacks affecting its Linode Manager and website, according to. Cloud Ping regional endpoints (hostnames) AWS, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, DigitalOcean, Linode, Vult vagrant plugin install vagrant-linode Installation Once you have downloaded and installed Vagrant and the plugin you need to clone the Baruwa Enterprise Edition Vagrant files to your system Giới thiệu 3 nhà cung cấp VPS DigitalOcean, Linode và Vultr. VPS Linode. Linode là nhà cung cấp dịch vụ đám mây được thành lập vào năm 2003, phục vụ hơn 800.000 khách hàng với VPS dựa trên Linux tại 11 địa điểm trên toàn thế giới như Toronto, Fremont, Dallas, Atlanta, Newark, London, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney và Tokyo Report - Linode - Frankfurt am Main - DE ..

Linode web hosting: 5 reviews, 0 support responses, 0 testimonials, 16 products, 0 promotions, 4 socials, 661594 hosted, Alexa #4670, since 200 Linode. SSD Cloud Hosting & Linux Servers. Vultr. Vultr in 17 Locations - Japan Tokyo, Singapore, UK London, USA Atlanta, USA Chicago, USA Dallas, USA Los Angeles,USA New York(NJ), USA Miami, USA Seattle, USA Silicon Valley, Netherlands Amsterdam, France Paris, Germany Frankfurt, Canada Toronto, Australia Sydney, South Korea Seoul . Vancouver. BandwagonHost. China Direct Route and operated by. Linode Cloud server, hosting, and compute services offer free $100 credits, free migration service for new account registration. In order to deploy a new server a get free credits, you must add money to your account to spend on your VPS usage. You can use PayPal, credit cards to add money to your account. Linode Linode, the world's largest independent cloud provider, is offering free S3-compatible object storage to new and existing customers from March 1, 2020, through May 31, 2020. The storage clusters are also available for the first time in the cloud provider's Frankfurt data center. Traditional S3-compatible options seem affordable on the. Cloud-Anbieter Linode Opfer von DDoS-Angriffen Unbekannte Angreifer 04.01.2016, 13:42 Uhr Cloud-Anbieter Linode Opfer von DDoS-Angriffe

Die IP-Adresse befindet sich gemäß unserer IP-Datenbank in Germany, Hesse, Frankfurt am Main. Bei der Überprüfung von haben wir herausgefunden, dass sie vermutlich zu Linode gehört. Weiter unten werden zusätzliche Informationen zu angezeigt, sofern vorhanden. Zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung des Berichts für war die zugehörige. Linode allows you to create memory partitions and copy or move them around. Furthermore, it even lets you reboot your instance with smaller RAM in order to simulate how your application would act if your Linode instance gets downgraded LINODE Frankfurt REGION - Connectivity Issue. Resolved - This incident has been resolved. Jun 3, 23:18 UTC Investigating - Linode team is investigating a connectivity issue in their Frankfurt data center. During this time, users may experience connection timeouts and errors for all services deployed in this data center. Jun 3, 10:55 UTC Jun 2, 2021. No incidents reported. Jun 1, 2021. May 31.

Linode - statistics - www Report - Linode - Frankfurt am Main - DE ..

  1. Frankfurt monitoring station added in its place. All probes using Amsterdam shall be automatically switching to Frankfurt. All probes using Amsterdam shall be automatically switching to Frankfurt. April 11, 2018 - Switching IP Address of Tokyo (Linode) monitoring station from (old) to (new
  2. 28 echte Kundenbewertungen & die Meinung unserer Experten über Linode sehen, bevor Sie sich anmelden und erfahren, warum sie auf Platz 990 von 4635 Hosting-Diensten
  3. Some of this network's contacts are hidden because they are only visible to authenticated users and you are currently not logged in
  4. Windows Hypervisor Benchmarks (Ubuntu) 07 Jun 2019. I figured I'd benchmark a standard Ubuntu Server install using each hypervisor (Hyper-V, VMWare Workstation, VirtualBox, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)) in order to approximate how much sacrifice you're making between each
  5. PHILADELPHIA, April 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Linode, the largest independent open cloud provider dedicated to developers, today announced the opening of its newest global data center in Toront
Linode - Scheduled Network Maintenance - EU-CentralCloudways Review: Managed Cloud Hosting Platform (Dec 2020)Linode 가상서버호스팅 (VPS) 신청Linode (@linode) | Twitter

I'm not sure if the linode firewall beta supports that sort of functionality. 00:13 <chesty> aum108, wireguard and masquerading should work for outbound. inbound connections you'd need some sort of load balancer : 00:14 <chesty> I mentioned wireguard because kharlan mentioned it. sounds like a good idea to me and there are probably other ways to do it without wireguard : 00:21 <aum108> chesty. I chose to host my DNS servers with Linode. Of course you can use any VPS provider, but the script in this section only works to provision instances on Linode. If you are following along and want to use a different VPS provider, provision two linux (I used CentOS 8) machines in different data centers, then jump to the next section

VPS Bench Comparison for AWS,Azure,Google Cloud and OraclepinescoreTutorial: Setting Up the Honey Framework Algo Server | byHow to deploy ML models using Flask + Gunicorn + Nginx
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