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Example # The HTTP port to use ;http_port = 3000 A common problem is forgetting to uncomment a line in the custom.ini (or grafana.ini ) file which causes the configuration option to be ignored grafana.ini. ##################### Grafana Configuration Example #####################. #. # Everything has defaults so you only need to uncomment things you want to. # change. # possible values : production, development. ; app_mode = production This setting should be expressed as a duration. Examples: 6h (hours), 2d (days), 1w (week). Default is 24h (24 hours). The minimum supported duration is 15m (15 minutes). user_invite_max_lifetime_duration = 24h # Enter a comma-separated list of usernames to hide them in the Grafana UI. These users are shown to Grafana admins and to themselves macOS. Find the grafana.ini file already in place at /usr/local/etc/grafana/grafana.ini. Then create /conf/custom.ini inside the /conf/ folder (the same directory as (the same directory as /conf/defaults.ini ). Grafana Configuration Example

Then I created a simple customisation file. vi /etc/grafana/custom.ini. With this content. default_theme = light. Restarted Grafana. systemctl restart grafana-server. Unfortunately the theme has not changed from dark to light. If I uncomment the same line in the /etc/grafana/grafana.ini then it is working correctly For example they can look like, The next configuration file, grafana.ini: It is used to set multiple grafana configurations for ease of use. There are tons of possible options here that will meet.. docker, synology, grafana. e_bouwman(Erwin Bouwman) May 3, 2020, 9:29pm. #1. I have installed grafana / influxDB via docker on my Synology NAS. Openhabian is running on my raspberry pi (becaue of the readings from my smart meter). I am able to create graphs

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Meine Datei /etc/grafana/grafana.ini hat jetzt diesen Inhalt: Code # set to true if you want to allow browsers to render Grafana in a <frame>, <if$ ;allow_embedding = tru Configure Grafana. It is important to put all the custom configuration in a separate file and not in the default one. The default configuration file defaults.ini can be found in the subfolder conf. make a copy of this file and call it custom.ini. Edit custom.ini and change the http port to 8080 or any other non reserved.

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  1. Continuing the fridge/freezer example, if it starts to use more power than usual for the day, send an alert. Someone may have not closed a door properly. Or if your AC usage goes over X amount, send an alert that you're going to have an expensive day, and consider opening a window instead. Of course these are just some ideas I've had. What are you tracking or hoping to track in your.
  2. For this guide we will be deploying Grafana in docker to make it easy to update/change configs. To get started, SSH to your docker host and create the config directory. Now copy the compose file down for Grafana. Then copy down the sample.ini file from https://github.com/grafana/grafana to create the grafana.ini file
  3. Example Usage resource grafana_dashboard metrics {config_json = file(grafana-dashboard.json) } Schema Required. config_json (String) The complete dashboard model JSON. Optional. folder (Number) The id of the folder to save the dashboard in. id (String) The ID of this resource. Read-Only. dashboard_id (Number) The numeric ID of the dashboard computed by Grafana
  4. The author selected the COVID-19 Relief Fund to receive a donation as part of the Write for DOnations program.. Introduction. Grafana is an open-source data visualization and monitoring tool that integrates with complex data from sources like Prometheus, InfluxDB, Graphite, and ElasticSearch.Grafana lets you create alerts, notifications, and ad-hoc filters for your data while also making.
  5. For example, I have setup a pair of cronjobs to turn the display off and on at specific times (e.g., off at 11pm, on at 7am), as well as another job to set the brightness. This should be added under root's crontab

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Grafana 配置文件详解 Configuration. Grafana后端有很多配置选项,可以在.ini配置文件或者通过环境变量指定。.ini文件的注释. 分号(;)是.ini文件中标准的注释行的方式。. 一个常见的问题就是忘记在custom.ini或者grafana.ini文件中取消注释行,这会导致配置项被忽略,不起作用 View YAML Example. Grafana Data Source. Represents a Grafana Data Source. View YAML Example. List your operator on OperatorHub.io Submit your operator > The Operator Framework is an open source toolkit to manage Kubernetes native applications, called Operators, in an effective, automated, and scalable way. Jump-start with the SDK . ABOUT About OperatorHub.io What is an Operator? Documentation.

Sample SMTP configuration for Grafana with Gapps account - grafana.ini. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. kmonsoor / grafana.ini. Created Aug 2, 2017. Star 3 Fork 1 Star Code Revisions 1 Stars 3 Forks 1. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable. For example they can look like, The next configuration file, grafana.ini: It is used to set multiple grafana configurations for ease of use. There are tons of possible options here that will meet. grafana.ini.tmpl ##### Grafana Configuration Example ##### # # Everything has defaults so you only need to uncomment things you want to # change # possible values : production, development;app_mode = production # instance name, defaults to HOSTNAME environment variable value or hostname if HOSTNAME var is empty: instance_name = {{ keyOrDefault grafana/hostname ${HOSTNAME} }} ##### Paths.

Restart the Apache service. Edit the Grafana configuration file grafana.ini. Perform the following configuration under the [auth.proxy] area. Restart the Grafana service. The Apache service will listen on TCP port 80, authenticate user on the Radius database and redirect users to the Grafana service on port 3000 Example: [auth.anonymous] enabled = true # Organization name that should be used for unauthenticated users org_name = Main Org. # Role for unauthenticated users, other valid values are `Editor` and `Admin` org_role = Viewer # Hide the Grafana version text from the footer and help tooltip for unauthenticated users (default: false) hide_version = true If you change your organization name in the. ## Grafana's LDAP configuration ## Templated by the template in _helpers.tpl ## NOTE: To enable the grafana.ini must be configured with auth.ldap.enabled ldap: enabled: true # `existingSecret` is a reference to an existing secret containing the ldap configuration # for Grafana in a key `ldap-toml`. existingSecret: # `config` is the content of `ldap.toml` that will be stored in the created. In our example, we add an account named benjamin. Now, we need to configure Apache port 80 as a proxy to the Grafana service port 3000. We also need to configure Apache to request authentication to users trying to acess Grafana One way to reset grafana admin password is via the grafana cli. First we need to know where grafana homepath is and where the configuration file is located. To do this we need to check the grafana process to see these information. root@codesposts:~# pa aux | grep grafana grafana 312 0.0 0.0 2144576 21385

This is useful when, for example, your time series data includes customer number fields but not customer names. Flux allows you to pull in the customer name so that it can be displayed in your Grafana dashboards. Here are some tutorials that explain further. Other features unique to Flux include: Sort by tags, rather than sorting only by time; Group by any column, including grouping by. For example, Grafana does not allow for data search and exploring. Who created Grafana? Torkel Ödegaard Torkel is the creator of Grafana, the open source metrics dashboard that Grafana Labs is built around. He enjoys seeing people use metrics more through beautiful and easy to use software. How do I migrate to Grafana? grafana migrate to a new server / upgrade to v4 Install grafana v4 on new. In this video i will show you how to get alerts from grafana to your email account. I use gmail.Here is a link to my channel for more grafana tutorials https.. Timescale Developer Advocate, #Grafana enthusiast, and time-series pro @avthars breaks down how alerting works in Grafana (including a handy cheatsheet for G.. Unfortunately my internet provider (UPS CH) has intermittent failures. After switching to my own WiFi router, I decided to set up monitoring around my home internet connection to see the real impact. The setup will consist of a Prometheus instance, ping and SNMP monitoring targets and Grafana for visualization. Installing Prometheus The standard install guide is quite generic

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Running the Container. Building a container will not automatically start the container. You will need to do that next. Ensure the /opt/influxdb path exists on your host file system then run the following command. Map your local port 80, 8083, and 8086 to the exposed ports in the container. Map port 8096 to UDP Grafana, an open source software that specializes in the display of time series analysis, allows for the creation of alerts on real-time streaming data. This.. Example: create demo; use <DBName>: To ensure influx DB writes the 'jmeter' (measurement) metrics to a project name that you specify instead of the default. Example: use demo OR use cadvisor; After creating the DB (demo), let's execute the below queries and check the output. The queries should return the correct output. > Show databas This is configured in the same grafana.ini under the session section. This is beneficial for instance in situations where you have load balanced environments to maintain sessions for users accessing Grafana. In the provider_config parameter, we need to include the user@server, password, full server and the TLS/SSL method. In this manner, this can be true or ssl-verify. Note that this is the go.

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  1. Open the grafana app and go to the alert icon and click notification channels. 10. Click on the new channel. 11. Select type slack and then insert the webhook URL. 12. Click on Save. Now you have successfully set up the slack notification channel. Thank you for sticking to the end
  2. grafana.ini: | 4 ##### Grafana Configuration Example ##### 5 # 6 # Everything has defaults so you only need to uncomment things you want to. 7 # change. 8 # possible values : production.
  3. It is possible to change the grafana.ini settings to use a specific port number, SSL certificates and http protocol instead but you will also need to manage file permissions that the Grafana server process will need. It is more versatile to use a dedicated proxy and especially if your server will be hosting multiple web applications. Check if Nginx is installed. 1. nginx -v No, then install it.
  4. Guten Abend zusammen,ich bin mal wieder auf eure Hilfe angewiesen. Ich habe einen Pi Zero WH. Dieser läuft mit Raspberry OS Lite headless. Angeschlossen ist über die GPIO-Leiste ein DHT22-Sensor.Ein Python-Skript wird im Intervall aufgerufen, lässt de
  5. Grafana Gastzugriff mit mehreren Organisationen. Grafana unterstützt den Zugriff auf Dashboards ohne sich einloggen zu müssen nur für eine Organisation, welche fest in der Server Konfiguration eingestellt werden muss. Über einen Trick kann man dennoch mehrere Organisationen öffentlich verfügbar machen
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TLDR; Install and Configure Grafana: All in One Go. Create a monitoring namespace: $ kubectl create ns monitoring. Create everything with a single command: $ kubectl apply -f kubernetes-homelab/grafana/. Note to self: this can be a Helm chart Sample is shown below, I want an email alert to be sent whenever free memory goes down to less than 3,000,000,000 bytes. In the Notification select the newly created Notification Channel. For Message you can type whatever message you want to be shown in the email body Import the two example dashboards: icinga2-prometheus-generic and icinga2-prometheus-specific provided by Opsdis. Generic. The graph on the generic dashboard uses host- and service name variables to get the metrics from Prometheus. The generic graph will work for all metrics without further configuration but with the drawback that the unit is. LDAP integration is enabled via the 'grafana.ini' file. When using the Grafana Helm Chart, the contents of 'grafana.ini' are managed via the 'values.yaml' file. Create the 'foxpass_values.yaml' file which will contain the LDAP configuration, and a reference to the Kubernetes secret which was created earlier

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  2. ehlo_identity = dashboard.example.com [emails];welcome_email_on_sign_up = true 重新启动grafana服务,配置文件生效 service grafana-server restart 问题: 在日志打印有 error=SMTP not configured, check your grafana.ini config file's [smtp] section. 这是因为在ini文件中行开头的分号表示它已被注释,所以去掉分号。问题解决。 去掉分号重启.
  3. docker 启动. 先普通启动,然后把配置文件导出来,修改配置文件,挂载到etc下. ## 普通启动,挂载数据盘 docker run - d -- name grafana - p 3000:3000 - v / data / grafana:/var/ lib / grafana grafana / grafana ## 复制出配置文件 docker cp grafan:/ etc / grafana / grafana. ini / data / grafana - data /etc.
  4. In this example configuration we can use the IP address of the Moogsoft Enterprise machine. For example, Install Grafana . To begin the integration setup, install Grafana and enable SSL. For more information see the Grafana installation documentation. Connect to your Moogsoft Enterprise instance and download the Grafana installation file: wget https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com.

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Docker cp command examples. In my tutorial, I have installed Docker on Ubuntu. But the steps are the same for all distributions running docker. I hope you know how to run a docker container because you'll need a running container. List your running containers first using docker ps command: [email protected]:~$ sudo docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 8353c6f43fba. Tutorials & Examples. habdroid, grafana, openhabapp. Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f4334a22668> #<Tag:0x00007f4334a225a0> #<Tag:0x00007f4334a224d8> Josar (Josar) January 8, 2020, 4:41pm #1. I followed the instruction from here and here on how to install and configure InfluxDB and Grafana for my RPI3, consulting grafana-on-raspberry for up do date install instructions and had some further reading on.

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As an example, we will instruct our Docker container to create an administrator account, a regular user account (for Telegraf), and a database with a custom retention via a custom InfluxQL script. Anatomy of the InfluxDB image. On container boot, the entrypoint.sh script is executed, it is set as the entrypoint of your Docker container. The entry point can be executed in two ways. You can. Let's go with the next component, Telegraf, telegraf is an agent that can be installed wherever we want to collect data, in this case, I install it on the same server, and from this agent, I collect information from different sources, in some cases, as it is, for example, Windows, we will have to install telegraf for windows to send the metrics of the systems to InfluxDB. Here we go Who Is TruePath Technologies Inc. Premiere Check_MK Partner in North and South America that specializes in sales, support and managed services

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# To troubleshoot and get more log info enable ldap debug logging in grafana.ini # [log] # filters = ldap:debug [[servers]] # Ldap server host (specify multiple hosts space separated) #host = host = # LDAP地址 # Default port is 389 or 636 if use_ssl = true port = 389 #LDAP端口 # Set to true if ldap server supports TLS use_ssl = false # Set to true if connect ldap. Click Alerting icon (bell like icon) on the Grafana side bar and then click Notification channel. This should open up the Alerts and Notifications page; Click Add Channel to create a new Email notification channel. Set the name of the channel. Choose the channel notification method, Email is used in this case This post focuses on installing the latest version of Grafana v6.x on a CentOS 8 instance. Grafana is by far one of the most popular open source dashboard monitoring tools of 2019.. Used by eBay, Paypal or RedHat, Grafana is definitely a must-have for engineers wanting a robust and scalable dashboard monitoring solution. Grafana can be used to monitor a wide variety of different datasources

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14 Oct 2020, 04:10. Hallo zusammen, ich habe Grafana auf einem Test ioBroker System installiert. Alles soweit so gut. Wenn ich nun ein Dashboard unter iobroker per iFrame einbinden möchte kommt von Firefox diese Meldung: Firefox darf diese eingebettete Seite nicht öffnen The source code and default configuration of the Building Block is available in our GitLab.. Adding the Building Block. Adding the kube-prometheus-stack Building Block to your cluster for the first time needs a little extra step because the Prometheus Operator uses custom resource definitions (CRDs).Other Building Blocks create instances of those resources and the Prometheus Operator discovers. Grafana is an open-source, nightly built dashboarding, analytics, and monitoring platform that is tinkered for connection with a variety of sources like Elasticsearch, Influxdb, Graphite. The index in our example is composed out of the [filebeat-6.2.3-]YYYY.MM.DD. For the Pattern select Daily. Leave the Time field name and select version 5.6+. Most beats for ElasticSearch write every minute. Thus 1m in Min interval should be sufficient An example can be seen at grafana.ini : grafana configuration file; prometheus.yml : prometheus configuration file; Once you've cloned the repo, simply run (from the with the cloned folder: docker-compose up -d. If things worked as they should you should be able to visit the basic Grafana web interface at http:\\<INTERNAL-SERVER-IP>:3000. Replace <INTERNAL-SERVER-IP> with the actual.

For example, when graphing connection counts or bandwidth on a firewall, a sudden spike could indicate that someone is testing your infrastructure for a DDOS, or starting an attack against you. There are a number of tools that can be used for performing this function, such as Graphite. However, my favorite approach is using Grafana with a time series database like InfluxDB behind it. To make it easy, I will use the existing node exporter dashboard, which is present on Grafana's official website to monitor Linux server metrics. Go to the Grafana home dashboard, click on + sign and click on Import. In Import via grafana.com, put the dashboard id 1860 and click on Load. Then select the Prometheus data source and click on Import To create a Prometheus data source: Click on the Grafana logo to open the sidebar menu. Click on 'Data Sources' in the sidebar. Click on 'Add New'. Select 'Prometheus' as the type. Adjust other data source settings as desired (for example, turning the proxy access off). Click 'Add' to save the new data source For example, a website may be able to provide you with local weather reports or traffic news by storing data about the region in which you are currently located. Analytics. Provides information about how a web site performs, how each page renders, and whether there are technical issues on the web site to the web site operator. This storage type generally doesn't collect information that.

This will send a sample email using the SMTP details we configured earlier. Click on Save to add this channel. Below is the screenshot of the test email sent by Grafana. Create Alert. Select the. Example connstr: addr=,pool_size=100,db=0,ssl=false. addr is the host : port of the redis server. pool_size (optional) is the number of underlying connections that can be made to redis. db (optional) is the number indentifer of the redis database you want to use. ssl (optional) is if SSL should be used to connect to redis server. The value may be true, false, or insecure. Setting. TIG Stack. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install and configure the TIG Stack (Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana) on Ubuntu for monitoring the system loads such as CPU, memory, diskio etc. as well as custom metrics from another service.A Few Basics First. TIG Stack stand for Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Grafana.. InfluxDB is the Time Series Database in the TIG stack For example, the metric node_http_requests_total keeps track of the number of times a HTTP request is performed on the application. Do note the metrics page doesn't use AJAX. So you'll have to refresh from time to time to see the results. When you setup Prometheus, it will fetch the values of this metrics every 5 - 15 seconds and store it in a time-series database. This is what is referred to.


An example of the embed code is shown below: From the article I listed, don't forget to remove the semi-colon from the beginning of the two config items in the grafana.ini file, so they are no longer commented out. Simon. sburke781 April 19, 2020, 3:29am #19. I believe I updated the auth_anonymous section to allow anonymous as well, I'll update the steps again. potts.mike April 19. Mail transfer agent, for example, sendmail or postfix is installed and configured. Ensure that the allow_loading_unsigned_plugins parameter is set to PCP Redis database in the grafana.ini file Grafana supports multiples configuration files. Using kubernetes you can mount a file using a ConfigMap or a Secret. For example, to mount a custom grafana.ini file or custom.ini file you can create a ConfigMap like the following: apiVersion: v1 kind: ConfigMap metadata: name: myconfig data: grafana.ini: |- # Raw text of the file

This implicit trust problem is something we typically see with, for example, corporate VPNs. With most corporate VPN's once a user is authenticated, the user becomes part of the corporate network and, as a result, has access to many of the resources within the corporate infrastructure. In other words, once you're on the VPN, you're within the walls of the castle, you're trusted, and. Example mysmtpuser:secret smtp_from_address (string) The SMTP from address that the Grafana plugin will use when addressing emails. admin@grafana.localhost smtp_host (string) The SMTP host and port that grafana will send emails via. If unset SMTP will not be enabled Example: smtp.example.com:25 smtp_skip_cert_verification (boolean) Disable certificate verification when talking to SSL/TLS. If you need to open a port for a specific subnet, you can use the following example. ufw allow from 192.168.1./24 to any port 3000 Now launch Grafana services with the systemctl command Because we're doing everything locally in this example, we're pointing to localhost. It should look like this: < Plugin network > Server 127.0 .0.1 8096 </ Plugin > InfluxDB. Now that we're done with collectd, we have to configure InfluxDB to pull in the data collectd is generating. Since InfluxDB isn't in EPEL, we'll have to pull it in from its repository. The command below makes it easy.

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Example Grafana configuration¶ Below is a config excerpt from the Grafana server I run, configured to query ActiveDirectory to give users access rights according to their group membership: grafana.ini Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) repository has a wealth of operational data (for host, database, middleware, apps and engineered systems) that it collects including configuration and metrics. By using Grafana, you can tap into that data to get Rich Analytics and Visualisations for Reporting.. Let's have a look at how you can do this. This assumes you already have an EM deployment running You can now work further by yourself in fully automating Grafana deployment with LDAP integration, for example to automate the secret creation or whatever you may need. I hope I could bring a little bit of light over it and that you'll be able to implement it in your own cluster Grafana. Loading Percona Monitoring and Management. If you're seeing this Grafana has failed to load its application files. 1. This could be caused by your reverse proxy settings. 2. If you host grafana under subpath make sure your grafana.ini root_url setting includes subpath. If not using a reverse proxy make sure to set serve_from_sub_path.

Graphite is a scalable metric graphing solution. It's a popular choice in the enterprise for collecting metrics from multiple sources and producing readable graphs. However, Graphite's graphing interface isn't all that user friendly and it's difficult to showcase the collected metrics. This is where Grafana shines. Grafana is a web front-end for Graphite or InfluxDB. Although they have. 由于Prometheus告警不支持变量,我们怎么在有大量变量的面板中对监控指标进行告警呢,具体步骤如下:. 1.我们需要在该面板Queries中添加一个没有变量的Query,如图中C就没法用于监控,D才能用于监控,因为C有变量。. 2.然后设置成Disable query这样图表中就不会有该. Docker Hu For example, if you want to setup an alert, you need to create the graph and then add alerting rules to it. Deployment. For the purpose of this demo, we're going to deploy Grafana into a Docker container on the same host machine where we previously installed Prometheus and the Black Box exporter. Create this file tree in /srv/docker: root@demo:/srv/docker# find grafana/ grafana/ grafana/etc. Grafana is an open source data visualization and monitoring suite. It offers support for Graphite, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Zabbix and many more databases.Grafana allows you to query, visualize, alert on and understand your metrics with the ability to manage and create your own dashboard for your apps or infrastructure performance monitoring

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Caddy robi standardowe reverse proxy (transparent) na domenę dostępną z internetu - powiedzmy grafana.example.org; Poza tym mamy drugą instancję domeny z reverse proxy która dodaje nagłówki do obsługi proxy level auth na innej domenie - np. grafana.intranet.example.com; ta domena powinna być rozwiązywalna do adresu prywatnego! Grafana ma użytkownika z rolą viewer który jest. Hallo,ich versuche verzweifelt das Monitoring mit dem Pi hin zu bekommen. Habe mich an diesen Anleitung gehalten (https://blog.butenostfreesen.dit-Grafana-und-Raspberry/). Ich bekomme auch soweit alles zum laufen. Nur bekomme ich auf der Webgui imme Monitoring Services¶. Ceph Dashboard uses Prometheus, Grafana, and related tools to store and visualize detailed metrics on cluster utilization and performance.Ceph users have three options: Have cephadm deploy and configure these services. This is the default when bootstrapping a new cluster unless the --skip-monitoring-stack option is used.. Deploy and configure these services manually

2. If you host grafana under subpath make sure your grafana.ini root_url setting includes subpath 3. If you have a local dev build make sure you build frontend using: yarn start, yarn start:hot, or yarn build 4. Sometimes restarting grafana-server can hel GF_ALLOWED_DOMAINS: Your company domain and every other domain you want to grant access to (for example your clients) We can of course set all these parameters in grafana.ini instead of using environment vars, it's your choice which method to use. Start Grafana container with our custom arguments . We can now spin up our container. Note that we are mapping the Grafana port to our host 8081. Deploy and Manage the TKG Extension for Grafana v1.3.1. Deploy the TKG Extension for Grafana version 1.3.1 to generate and view metrics for Tanzu Kubernetes clusters. Grafana lets you query, visualize, alert on, and explore metrics no matter where they are stored. Grafana provides tools to form graphs and visualizations from application data Configure¶. The zip file contains a folder with the current Grafana version. Extract this folder to anywhere you want Grafana to run from. Go into the conf directory and copy sample.ini to custom.ini.You should edit custom.ini, never defaults.ini. The default Grafana port is 3000, this port requires extra permissions on windows.Edit custom.ini and uncomment the http_port configuration option.

For example, it stitches the end-to-end view between FI uplink ports and server vNIC and vHBA to help find issues quickly. UTM architecture. In brief, the architecture of UTM has the following components: Cisco UCS collects metrics of various components like vNIC/vHBA, FI ports, IOM ports, etc. The metrics are polled every 60 seconds (by default) by a Python script. It is built using Cisco. Grafana is an open source, feature rich, powerful, elegant and highly-extensible analytics and monitoring software that runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS.It is a de facto software for data analytics, being used at Stack Overflow, eBay, PayPal, Uber and Digital Ocean - just to mention but a few.. It supports 30+ open source as well as commercial databases/data sources including MySQL. Grafana offers the possibility to authenticate users against LDAP - make it quite easy to integrate the tool into existing directory services. I'm using FreeIPA as directory and authentication service in my lab and had to adjust some settings to authenticate Grafana access. The first step is to alter the main configuration file of Grafan 07-18. 524. Grafana 本省再4.6版本后也带有 告警 功能,可以支持 邮件 ,微信,钉钉等 告警 接受 Grafana发送告警 的优点:它可以 发送 监控的趋势图 Grafana发送告警 的缺点: 他目前不能像zabbix一样创建一个 告警 模板应用到一批实例上 1 配置 邮件告警 vim /etc/grafa.

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