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Cooling is performed by using dielectric immersion liquid Coolant, which prolongs lifespan of devices by 2 times. The Coolant is incombustible and compatible with all components of miners. Save space and scale your capacities with vertical racks Immersion cooling is an advanced type of liquid cooling that's more efficient and thus profitable for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining rigs. This is exactly why Marc of Upgradeya transitioned his air-cooled Bitcoin BTC mining farm in Charleston, South Carolina to an immersion cooling setup from Immersion Systems for all of his Bitcoin BTC ASIC miners! Let's tour this immersion-cooled Bitcoin mining and interview the owner/operator Marc on how many miners he had, how he built. MiningCave PRO-A immersion cooler & silencer for Asic Miner. This is by far the Best immersion cooling system for asic miner such as Antminer or Innosilicon and compatible with most of asic miner available in the world. Asic miner Silencer case in immersion oil. This is the Best immersion cooling and silencer alternative on the Market

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Get in touch with immersive cooling installations for crypto mining by Beeminer. Immersion cooling helps to level up your ASICS or GPU mining hashrate for 5.. Sesterce Immersion Solution Unprecedented density and mobility HODL's maximum amounts of crypto mining infrastructure that is physically possible: 224 rigs with 2680 gpu's total or 560 standard S9/A9/Z9 asic miners in simple and efficient installation. Accessing Cheap or Excess Energy Capacit HashTank immersion cooling solutions from Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) are the answer. They're turnkey mining data centers built inside ISO shipping containers, giving you total location flexibility — even for adverse conditions. You provide the power, water and network. We do the rest. Cut cooling energy by up to 95% Immersion Cooling. azam. Search for: Search. Products. ETH Mining Rig - 8-GPU RTX 3070 $ 16,500.00; Antminer S19 95TH/s - April Batch $ 10,995.00; Avalon A1246 85TH/s - March Batch $ 7,395.00; Antminer S19 95TH/s - Jan Batch $ 5,595.00; Antminer S19 Pro - 110TH/s - April Batch $ 17,355.00; About Us. Medina Mining provides hassle-free hosting solutions for your cryptocurrency mining at. Immersion Cooling Requirements. Switching to immersion cooling for bitcoin miners requires additional equipment that can make start-up costs higher than when using a fan-based system.; To use immersion cooling, individuals need immersion tanks, liquid coolant that is safe for the equipment, pumps and piping to circulate the coolant and a heat rejection system, such as dry coolers, to cool the.

It also allows ASICs to operate without fans, which are typically among the largest components of a bitcoin mining rig. Immersion cooling tanks also support rapid hardware refresh cycles, which is a particular focus for BitFury, which has frequently updated its ASIC design to keep pace with the arms race in bitcoin hardware. Over the past five years, 3M's Novec has been used in server. Immersion cooling can also increase usable hashrate per machine by up to 50% in some cases, prolong the lifespan of some machines and allow miners to install more machines per square foot than if.. Efficiency and Durability Beeminer rigs allow you to dramatically decrease electricity consumption on cooling and extend lifespan of miners whilst working at maximum hashrate

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As immersion cooling gains traction, mining farms may take on even more outlandish forms. Both GRC and Allied Control are offering 'containerised' solutions for miners who might want to take. liquid cooling renders the need for costly HVAC infrastructure which effects in fever pieces of critical equipment in data hall space. Liquid cooled servers require only 20% of previous airflow with allows for free-cooling during all seasons. Of course immersion cooling requires virtually zero airflow thus providing another discount Leveraging a mechatronics hardware design, the Avalon Immersion Cooling Miner offers a high degree of integration within single mining modules, running 90 mining module deployments simultaneously. With an overclocked mining ratio of 45%~ #Bitcoin #mining pic.twitter.com/qXPy97aD3k — Canaan (@canaanio) January 4, 202 A water cooled mining farm and a farm completely submerged in liquid. Miners are sometimes imaginative when it comes to cooling. Cryptocurrency is now being mined on everything that is only capable of doing it. But the ultra-high cost of video cards, apparently, makes some people to be more careful with their devices There is something about the prospect of making some serious loot that brings out the innovation in folks. With this entrepreneurial spirit coursing through their veins one smart team of bitcoin..

Make crypto mining more profitable, slash data center capex and opex, mine different currencies based upon relative profitability and respond quickly to market fluctuations. With minimal site requirements, HashRaQ , micro-modular server cooling systems from Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) significantly reduce the cost of building, running and expanding a successful blockchain computing operation Immersion cooling will give DMG the ability to expand their Bitcoin mining operation while cutting their air-conditioning bill. DMG has been developing its immersion cooling system as a potential work-around to the ongoing problem associated with high-energy ASIC-rig Bitcoin mining for close to a year now. Their contention is that the new system will reduce their capital expenditure by. The Immersion Cooling Miner is capable of running 90 mining module deployments simultaneously and sees an overclocked mining ratio of 45%, fully maximizing the miner's computing power. Compared to Canaan's latest AvalonMiner A1246, the Immersion Cooling Miner sees an increase of up to 78% in power efficiency. With single mining modules running within the liquid coolant, the Immersion. 8 GPU RX 580 8GB MINER BOX V.4. Shipped in 5-20 BUSINESS DAYS. 6,722.04 $USD Howdy Immersion Cooling folks! I currently own and operate a 500 ASIC mining farm in Texas and wanted to share some of the Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 52. Immersion Mining - 500 ASIC mining farm impressions. Close. 52. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Immersion Mining - 500 ASIC mining farm.

Microsoft showed off a cooling lab where it is cooling servers inside a two-phase immersion system from Allied Control, which is owned by bitcoin mining specialist BitFury, which uses the design to support power densities of up to 250 kW per rack. Immersion can deliver exceptional power efficiency because it uses sealed tanks that don't require the raised floors or room-level air cooling. A mining rig uses 31% - 42% less power when using oil immersion cooling in total. GRC, a company in support of oil immersion cooling, conveyed support for the technology in Bitcoin mining. The mineral oil is almost as effective as water liquid cooling systems, and since it doesn't conduct electricity, the oil can be used as an immersion-cooling medium. Oil immersion cooling eliminates the. Hey we have been on this quest for some time come join r/immersion_cooling there are some good discussions and contenir there. 1. Share . Report Save. View Entire Discussion (30 Comments) More posts from the gpumining community. 488. Posted by 5 days ago. 2. First guy to build a mining rig must have been like. see full image. 488. 17 comments. share. save. hide. report. 311. Posted by 3 days. A pair of smart Bitcoin miners has built an amazing $120,000 mining rig with one incredible unorthodox twist: it's submerged in a vat of cooling oil

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Asic miner immersion cooling. Each Universal Immersion Mining Enclosure will accommodate 8 to 16 GPU rigs with up to 12 GPU each , or 15 new Whatsminer M20/30/31 series ASIC miners, asic miner immersion cooling or 8 x S17 or S19 Antminers. Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling (SLIC) is the most cost effective way to get the maximum hashrate from any ASIC or GPU based miner Asic miner immersion coolingNon-toxic asic miner immersion cooling and eco-friendly coolant. By immersing your mining hardware in our specially formulated BitCool BC-888 Dielectric Coolant you have the ability to dramatically reduce your overall power costs and dramatically increase your hashrates A good mining rig should hold a steady temperature asic miner immersion cooling within the 60-70. Two-Phase Immersion cooling is a new type of cooling technology for data centers. In a two-phase immersion cooled system, electronic components are submerged into a bath of dielectric heat transfer liquid, which is a much better heat conductor than air, water or oil. With a low boiling point (56°C vs. 100°C in water), the fluid boils on the surface of heat generating components, and rising.

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A GPU mining rig will be more expensive than a CPU, but it will have a higher hashing power. It will also support mining a wide variety of cryptocurrencies that have differing hashing algorithms. It will also be more profitable in the end. Nvidia video cards need more energy but are great for the ease of use. Nvidia cards are less likely to have issues with cooling and are easier to tune. AMD. Major cooling companies build their immersion cooling systems inside of huge shipping containers. There is no need to rig your tiny room when you can get everything you need containerized. This also means you can work from anywhere. These containerized mining rigs can be customized and tailored to each client's needs. They can be outfitted with Just like any computer, when there's no natural cooling for a rig, the heat will impact system performance. In order to keep your Bitcoin mining gear performing at its best, you need to keep it. Microsoft displayed a cooling laboratory where it is cooling servers inside a two-phase immersion system from Allied Control, which is owned by bitcoin mining expert BitFury, which utilizes the style to support power densities of as much as 250 kW per rack. Immersion can provide extraordinary power performance due to the fact that it utilizes sealed tanks that do not need the raised floorings. Microsoft confirmed off a cooling lab the place it's cooling servers inside a two-phase immersion system from Allied Management, which is owned by bitcoin mining specialist BitFury, which makes use of the design to assist energy densities of as much as 250 kW per rack. Immersion can ship distinctive energy effectivity as a result of it makes use of sealed tanks that don't require the.

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  1. For you who want to assemble your own RIG, we thought to offer you our excellent MiningCave RIG KIT. You will receive a fully assembled RIG KIT ready to accommodate the video card of your choice. All our RIGS are assembled with precision and delivered in a safe packaging. With a MiningCave RIG-KIT, you maximize space and optimize the cooling of your appliances. Mining has never been easier
  2. IMMERSION COOLING TECHNOLOGY May 25, 2018 azam 0 Comments cooling technology, Ethereum (6 GPU) Mining Rig Build Guide. January 21, 2018 azam 0. 19 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig: Guideline. January 21, 2018 azam 0. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Name * Email * Website. Current Prices. 1 BTC = $37010.66 USD (via Coinbase.
  3. er S9 T17 l3+ Biete hier ein komplettes Immersion Mining Rig Solution von einem Freund an, da er bald keinen... 29.000 € Versand möglich. 19260 Vellahn. 28.03.2021. Little

For clients interested in Immersion cooling mining containers, we have a USA based suppliers that design fully turnkey immersion cooling mining solutions inside ISO shipping containers. Clients provide the miners, electricity, water and Internet. Both single and two phase coolant options are available within these mining container solutions. In Q2 of 2021, we expect to offer a fully turnkey. Immersion cooling is a method for cooling data center IT hardware by directly immersing the hardware in a non-conductive liquid such as 3M™ Fluorinert™ Electronic Liquids or 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids. Heat generated by the electronic components is directly and efficiently transferred to the fluid. This reduces the need for interface materials, heat sinks, fans, shrouds, sheet metal. Experiments with Liquid Immersion Cooling‎ > ‎ Trial 1: Antminer U1/U2 + Bi*Fury . The Antminer's are Bitmain's initial USB stick miner offerings; operating at ~ 1.4GHs and 1.8Ghs when air cooled. The Bi*Fury is a dual-chip USB stick; rated at ~5GHs when air cooled (although I have never achieved more than about 4GH/s). For the experiment they have been connected into a Raspberry PI driven.

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Choosing the right Power Supply Unit (PSU) is important for the efficiency and longevity of your mining rig. We can't think of a better place to find the right PSU than Alpha Miner. #cryptocurrency #bitcoin. In the past two weeks, we have written about our friends at SCATE Ventures and Poolin for our Crypto Ecosystem Spotlight series. Both of these great companies offer something that is. BUYMINERS.CA, Toronto, Ontario. 68 likes. BUYMINERS.CA is a leading global supplier of quality equipment for remote desktop computing, crypto-mining, and video streaming Mining is great when it's cold out because a rig can help heat 1,000 square feet. So you're making Bitcoin AND heating your living space and getting a double benefit because what you are paying for electricity to mine will also cover heating costs because the rig is turning electricity into heat just like any other computer. Now that winter is over in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer is.

The immersion-cooled Bitcoin mining rig cost about $120,000 to make and looks like something straight out of 'Stargate.' by Daniel Oberhaus 15 September 2019, 5:32p The immersion-cooled Bitcoin mining rig cost about $120,000 to make and looks like something straight out of 'Stargate.' by Daniel Oberhaus February 1, 2018, 6:42p Cryptocurrency mining is all about efficiency. There is nothing more efficient than immersion cooling. With immersion cooled ASICs it is possible to have ROI's under 1 year. E3 NV. Home. Critical Infrastructure Modules. Immersion Cooling. Products. About. Contact. Blog. Gallery. More. 1-775-246-8111. Mining with Various Cooling Methods . ROI Comparison. The table to the left shows that two.

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Submerged mining rig. Circuit boards for litecoin mining are submerged directly into the liquid, resulting in energy cost savings of 96%, said Blackburn. Feb 3, - A pair of smart Bitcoin miners has built an amazing $ mining rig with one incredible unorthodox twist: it's submerged in a vat of cooling oil. Main article: Spar platform Spars are moored to the seabed like TLPs, but whereas a TLP. VoskCoin Mining Farm Tour Deeper in the mines Season 1 Episode 1 featuring Marc of Upgradeya and his liquid cooled (immersion cooling) Bitcoin sourc Bringing back the Titan cube to air cooling it is working just fine again, so for the moment we are going to move to doing tests with some other mining hardware such as the iBeLink X11 ASIC miner for example that might do better. As for cooling the Titan cube we are going to be looking for other alternatives besides the stock air cooling in the next days as we are not very happy with KNC's. After our not so successful experiments in trying to use immersion cooling with mineral oil for the KnCMiner Titan Scrypt ASIC we have moved to trying out different things to make the device run cooler and silent. The obvious next step would be to use water cooling and the options for this are many, so we have decided to start by trying with a pre-filled closed loop All-In-One solution that is. One and only, unique cooling module for Direct Liquid Cooling of cryptocurrency mining infrastructure such as Antminer. This module is designed to get performance boost from overclocked chips, and allows to set up the elements of mining infrastructure 10 times more dense than before, mining silently without fans and heatsinks. It is capable of using either one-phase or dual-phase cooling. Its.

AsicMiner's Immersion Cooling Mining Facility (bitcointalk.org) 199 points by mdelias on Nov 25, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 190 comments: nakedrobot2 on Nov 25, 2013. It makes me sad that all this computation can't simultaneously be used to fold proteins, or some other externally productive calculation. jnbiche on Nov 25, 2013. The answer to this question can be found in the. ASIC Cooling System. We have developed a modular system of ASIC Data Center Units. Our ASIC Data Center Units are based on standard ISO (sea) containers, equipped with ASIC hardware, remote control capabilities and an immersion cooling system that improves the system's total energy consumption on the one side and increases the total hashing power on the other hand Voskcoin mining farm tour deeper in the mines season 1 episode 1 featuring marc of upgradeya and his liquid cooled (immersion cooling) bitcoin cryptocurrency mining farm in charleston. Miningbtc is the best and reliable online earning site. Coin mining farm is a leading cryptocurrency trading group that utilizes innovative proprietary technologies to provide managed cryptocurrency trading. Mining capability will be visible on your output display when you start mining. No matter which software or pool(you are a member of) you are using, it will always show your mining capability of each individual worker in your setup. If you want to..

Learn all you need to master building a mining rig. Source: eurasianet.org. How to make bitcoin farm: Source: xodustech.com. Voskcoin mining farm tour deeper in the mines season 1 episode 1 featuring marc of upgradeya and his liquid cooled (immersion cooling) bitcoin cryptocurren. Source: i.ytimg.co 28-apr-2018 - Cryptocurrency mining is when miners verify crypto transactions and add them to blockchain for the reward. However, we need to maintain our mining equipment for its better performance. How to cool the mining rig cool? How to maintain the mining rig? I will tell you all that in this guide Mining bitcoin cooling. Immersion cooling is an advanced type of liquid cooling that's more efficient and thus profitable for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining rigs. This is exactly why Marc of Upgradeya transitioned his air-cooled Bitcoin BTC mining farm in Charleston, South Carolina to an immersion cooling setup from Immersion Systems for all of his Bitcoin BTC

Immersion Mineral Oil Bitcool 20-liter gallon Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling of ASIC-based Cryptocurrency Mining Devices. Skip to navigation Skip to content. Shopping Cart. Call Us: +6498891256 . We are an Australian company so all prices are in AUD not in USD. Track Order. MENU. Search for: Search. My Account; Customer Help. Checkout $ 0.00 0. Search for: Search. Home; Shop; ASIC. On the flipside, density and cooling are much, much more important. To make a crypto mining operation profitable, you need to be harvesting more crypto currency (be it Ethereum, Dogecoin, or the perennial Bitcoin) than you're paying for electricity by a significant margin. As a result, some of the most efficient cooling and hyper-dense rack architecture from the past few years - like two. The active cooled Xilinx VCU 1525 has extra cooling fans that can increase output. With current 170A Max and interconnects: 2x QSFP+. Also external memory, 4 DIMM slots 4x16GB ECC RDIMM DDR4. This FPGA can be used for mining some cryptocurrencies. The better the cooling for this board. Check out VCU 1525 FPGA mining rig here Cooling Fan Simulator - Plug & Play Fan Spoofers for use with Bitmain Antminer, Whatsminer, Dragonmint, etc. cooling fan emulators for oil immersion Ant miner Whatsminer Dragonmint Avalon | eBay Skip to main conten The Immersion Cooling Miner sees single modules running seamlessly within the liquid coolant, resulting in a noiseless mining experience. With reduction in heat expelled from the hardware, this can help to improve a mining farm's operating environment, generating cost-savings in cooling expenditure

Given the price of bitcoin at the time I visited Ordos, each individual mining rig at the facility was making around US $10 in bitcoins per day. At that rate, the facility as a whole, which houses. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Neue Miner Oil Immersion ASIC Kühlung Wanne bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel The Best FPGA Mining Guide and Learning Platform. Here, you can find all the resources about FPGA Mining including mining rigs, bitstreams and software. For most miners, mining profitability is the most important thing we care about. We provide tools to calculate the revenue and ROI time. Hope this can help you to make the decision easier It turns out that immersion cooling systems only make sense when miners face certain constraints. Mining isn't exactly a trivial venture. What are the pros and cons of GPU mining? Don't know which ASIC miner to buy? Angry Chicken 24, views. Mining in the refrigerator? What if you remove the boards from the main rig and have the boards in the oil, and then put several large fans in the oil to.

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Here's a few Obelisk SC1 Immersion features: Runs at an impressive 2,200 to 2,800 GH/s, ensuring you can mine lots of Siacoins. Has a relatively low power requirement of 1,600 to 1,800 W, ensuring you get lots of profit from your mining. Made specifically for Siacoin and Blake2b mining, ensuring the fastest and most consistent rates Bitcoin Gold 240 h/s mining rig. $ 1,850.00 $ 1,110.00. 8x RX570 graphic cards. 240 h/s speed. 4×1300 rpm extra fan cooling. most efficient mining rig. Add to wishlist. Compare. SKU: BitcoinGold-240 Categories: GPU Miners Offers, GPU Mining Rig Tags: ASIC, Bitcoin Gold 240 h/s mining rig, buy Bitcoin Gold 240 h/s mining rig, buy Obelisk Sc1. Within the period of this warranty, Canaan will repair or replace, free of charge, any part proven defective in material, performance or workmanship, but mining earnings will not be compensated. You can work with Canaan after sales engineers online to find out the faulty parts, then we can send you the replacement parts directly via the express companies. In this condition, Canaan will pay the. Dedicated mining rig room cooling? Archive View Return to standard view. last updated - posted 2021-Mar-17, 7:23 pm AEST posted 2021-Mar-17, 7:23 pm AEST User #787788 419 posts. Renzkuken. Forum Regular reference: whrl.pl/RgeOgT. posted 2021-Mar-16, 1:34 pm AEST ref: whrl.pl/RgeOgT. posted 2021-Mar-16, 1:34 pm AEST O.P. How do you all cool your rigs? I'm currently building and will be. DimasTech® Mining Cases DimasTech USA. DimasTech Extreme Cooling Solutions & Technologies. Register; Login; English; Portuguese; Spanish; Search products Required Only numbers and letters are allowed, please correct the wrong characters. Cart 0. All categories. DimasTech® AMC Computer Cases - Accessories; DimasTech® Bench/Test Tables; DimasTech® WaterStations; DimasTech® Cooling.

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I tried immersion cooling but due to the BitFury Hex Fury USB Bitcoin Miner BTC Mining ASIC GPU Crypto Tested Solo RIG. $599.95. Free shipping. Seller 100% positive. Bitcoin Mining Solo Hexfury Hex Fury USB Miner ASIC BTC GPU RIG S9 S5 TESTED BLK. $599.95. Free shipping. Seller 100% positive . Whatsminer MicroBT M21s Bitcoin Miner USA Seller 45-55TH/s SHA256 ASIC. $7,750.00. Free shipping. However, with the advent of immersion cooling systems, it became possible not only to ensure stable FPGA cooling but also to overclock them by 20%+ of the stock performance. Fire up your CPU to mine altcoins! CPU Bitcoin mining stopped being relevant in 2010, but there are still plenty of coins you can simply mine on your laptop. That essentially explains why XMR is the most popular coin with. Details about Bitmain Antminer S9i | 20TH/s | PSU Leads | LIQUID IMMERSION COOLING New HP Server PSU 1200W DPS-1200 GPU Mining Rig Power Supply. £79.95 + £19.95 P&P. Last one. DPS-800GB-3 Fujitsu Siemens Primergy RX300 S6 800W PSU Power Supply A3C40105779. £19.99 + P&P. Seller 100% positive . 24PIN 20 4 Dual PSU Multiple Power Supply Splitter Adapter 30cm Cable Cord. £3.05. Free P&P. Bitcoin Mining Equipment Bitcoin Farm Cooling Green.. Bitcoin Mining Equipment Bitcoin Farm Cooling Green Revolution Cooling.Home. HashraQ. Make crypto mining more profitable, slash data center capex and opex, mine different currencies based upon relative profitability and respond quickly to market fluctuations. With minimal site requirements, HashRaQ, micro-modular server cooling systems from.

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The Guide to Full Immersion Cooling of Electronics with Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Coolants Gary Testa, President & CEO Version Date: 2019.30.15. Purpose • This document is intended to provide a general understanding of the concepts, architectures, system parameters, and components used in Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling (SLIC) solutions for cooling electronics. • We will. Buy Innosilicon A10 Pro 500MH/s in Dubai (WhatsApp +971555592696) (UPDATED: Today) (VAT Invoice & DHL Delivery Available for GCC Countries) Innosilicon A10 Pro 500MH/s is one of the most successful Ethereum ASIC miner for Ethash algorithm mining on a power consumption of 860W.. Innosilicon A10 Pro Ethereum miner is a new version of A10 with upgraded 5G memory to support the increasing size of. The Bitfury Group's BlockBox AC is one of the most powerful bitcoin mining devices available on the market today. More details Buy . Data centers. We are committed to ensuring security and stability on the bitcoin blockchain through our state-of-the-art data centers. More details . Want to learn more about our crypto-infrastructure solutions?.

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Litecoin mining rig is the setup of various complex hardware units. Rigs are generally used to generate higher hash rates and block generation, for which a heavy setup is required. You can build your own mining rig or can even purchase from various websites Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for cooling fan emulators for oil immersion Ant miner Whatsminer Dragonmint Avalon at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products 4x1300rpm cooling fans at the miner back; plug and play setup software; 1300 Watts of power * Mining speed can variate due to the use of different brands but will always be equal. Plug-and-play. All of mining systems will be tested and delivery plug-and-play. You can always be sure that you will receive a working system. We will also provide.

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Mining Rig. Category: Mining Rig. Expert Believes Nuclear-Powered Crypto Mining Could Help Ukraine to Solve Energy Spending Problems . April 16, 2021 Felipe Erazo crypto mining, data center, Eastern Europe, Energy Consumption, mining, Mining Rig, nuclear power plants, Ukraine. Bitcoin mining could be a proper asset to solve one of the significant issues in the Ukrainian energy sector: spending. DimasTech® FPGA Immersion Cooling Blocks ; DimasTech® FPGA waterblocks; DimasTech® FPGA Watercooling Kits; Mining Accessories; Promotions Buyer's Guide. Home. DimasTech® Mining Cases and Accessories. Mining Accessories. Mining Accessories. in this section you can find accessories for minin purpose, risers, cables, fans...and many other cool parts... Order by . Show List view Grid view. 20.08.2016 - David Stringfellow hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest

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